Payment & Delivery

Delivery Methods Depend On Your Worksite As Well

With container depots strategically located nationwide, our shipping container delivery service ensures swift delivery across South Africa. Recognizing the value of time in business operations, we prioritize prompt delivery, typically arranging for containers to reach your site within days.

How To Get A Shipping Container Delivered?

Securing a shipping container delivery is effortless with our standardized sizes, facilitating seamless transfer from depot to truck or ship, and onward to the worksite or home with utmost efficiency.

Tilt Tray Delivery

Our tilt tray shipping container delivery transporters are available in various sizes to accommodate your purchased container. Typically, we utilize a 20′ tilt tray transporter, capable of transporting either one 20′ shipping container or two 10′ shipping containers. Additionally, we offer an optional 20′ trailer that can be attached to the 20′ tilt tray transporter, enabling the transportation of an additional 20′ shipping container.

Side Loading Delivery

We utilize side loaders for transporting both our 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers. This delivery method is ideal for sites with restricted space, whether in front or behind the designated container placement area. The container is unloaded between the two outrigger feet of the side loader, positioned approximately half a meter from the side of the truck.

Hiab Delivery

A Hiab Transporter, mounted with a crane, is employed for shipping container delivery in scenarios where space constraints prevent the use of a side loader or tilt tray. The crane enables easy positioning of the container at various angles or onto raised surfaces. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to place containers over obstacles like fences. Capable of transporting 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot containers, the Hiab Transporter provides versatile delivery options.

Semi Trailer Delivery

Opting for a semi-trailer is often a cost-effective choice for delivery, though it requires a forklift or crane to unload the container at the drop-off site. It’s important to note that this option is recommended only if you possess the necessary equipment for offloading the shipping container from the flatbed transporter, as this service is not provided by us.